Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Paris hilton sex. Crazy Pics!

Wow - new collection of Paris hilton sex here! Leave your comments :)

paris hilton sexparis hilton sex
Paris Hilton to give up sex? I gave a lot of people that they are all seeking. I am a guy and I go after girls only. In fact, I take me a moment ... you know. She and I be the cup of tea. We play pool, we go to school, we play, we rubbed the sun, we started right, shes with me tonight. But anyway, I'm sorry yall. I just felt like bragging. Paris could not even get a guy like the girl I am. I dream of wakin with a photo of her beside my bed that say I need you and you must find me. Go Girl !!!!! You know how to work this thing. I done spent it all on her. Not all my real money, but all my cash emotional / heart. She does everything babe. She doesn't wear even all these things that other girls wear just say, hey, I'm a girl you want to watch. I even tried to watch these girls and they didn't do nuttin.
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